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2. National Transport


2.1Tank Containers

Transport of liquid materials via of our specially equipped chassis.

Liquid material transport unit (for hazardous chemicals – ADR or not including foodstuff) which enjoys an advantage with regard to storage and transport via our Company’s specially equipped chassis, on which the following systems have been installed in order to meet all unloading requirements:

  • Tipping.
  • Pumps for liquid and non liquid foodstuffs.
  • Air compressor for the unloading of materials under pressure.
  • Air compressor for the unloading of powder under pressure.
  • Air-assisted screw pump for the unloading of plastic in granules.
  • Pipe fitting accessories for all common connections and pumps.

Up-to-date system for the temperature rise of materials:

  • with steam.
  • with electric power supply, as well as
  • with temperature control from the inside of the tanker.

2.2Swap Bodies


Non self-powered transport unit with multiple functions. For the movement of this particular unit combined transport is carried out (by vehicle, train, and vessel). The unit offers the possibility, after the unloading of goods that are carried with it, that its separate components are folded together at our site and be returned for unloading. Our Company, having had always led the way in the combined transport sector, has been using the method of collapsible Swap Bodies since 1995. This method gives us the opportunity to offer low cost transport in addition to minimizing the delivery time.


Iron containers hermetically closed. Many companies entrust us the loading and unloading of the goods that they carry as well as the safekeeping of containers of their ownership by using our privately owned terminals and lifting appliances (i.e. multi-function crane of 40 tons and forklifts of 25 tons – 12 tons – 5 tons -2 tons capacity). The specially adapted chassis that we have made available are capable of carrying any type of container to any destination point in Greece and Europe as well. Containers comprise an essential element of combined transport while at the same time constitute an additional means of transport which is at our Company’s disposal.


We engage in the transport and safekeeping of unaccompanied trailers as well as their delivery to any destination point in Greece. Our company’s special tractors and experienced drivers are employed for the entrance-exit of unaccompanied trailers into and from the Patras-Italy and Corinth – Italy F/B liners as well as for various lines connecting other European countries. We also provide their safekeeping in our privately owned areas as well as their unloading in the entire Greek territory and the countries that surround it. Furthermore we engage in the transport of any cargo via our Company’s state-of-the-art privately owned trailers and highly equipped fleet. You can easily entrust your trailers for your deliveries and loadings. We assure you that that your trailers will be treated as if they were our own property.



Privately owned and leased spaces at nodal points.

terminal-map english-01

We have at our disposal privately owned and leased spaces at nodal points in the city of Patras and in various locations around Greece providing direct access to the port, the ring road of Patras and the national highways. These spaces are fenced and lit, and they are equipped with storage facilities, laundry and parking areas which are used for our Company’s everyday operations. Our spaces can be used for the temporary storage of unaccompanied trailers and all kinds of truck vehicles.

All of our Company’s terminals are located in locations of strategic importance within the Greek territory. In every gate of Greece to abroad there is a terminal of the Plessas Bros Company.

We are therefore in the position to meet all your requirements from any given geographical place of Greece. Nevertheless, our Company does not stand still. To this end we continue to invest as regards the expansion of our terminals in Greece.

  • Parking of trucks.
  • Loading-unloading and safekeeping of containers.
  • Storage, safekeeping and distribution of goods.
  • Direct possibility of adapting the existing facilities in line with the market’s and our clients’ requirements.
National Transports - Plessas Bros S.A.