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Our Services





All transport operations are carried out by us in a timely, safe and cost efficient manner.


International transport is part of our Company’s key operating activities. Our specialized staff in combination with our state-of-the-art means of transport and facilities made available by our Company ensure the transport of any good from and to Greece as well as from and to most European countries. Our Company’s strategic location in Patras provides us with a competitive advantage with regard to prices and fast delivery time. Our experience built up over many years in conjunction with our collaborations at crucial nodal points abroad rank our Company among the top similar companies active in the transport sector.

Our services and available means of transport, which operate internationally, indicatively, include:

  • 90 Heavy Goods Vehicles
    Various types and for multiple usages
  • 120 trailers of different types
    Tarpaulins, tip-chassis, tip-trucks equipped with pumps and compressors for the loading and unloading of liquids, powder and granules.
  • La gross trailer
  • Weekly full load transport services
    Main schedules from Athens and Patras to/from Italy – Germany – the Netherlands – Belgium – United Kingdom as well as from most European countries.
  • Weekly delivery services
    Main schedules from Athens and Patras to/from Italy – Germany – the Netherlands – Belgium – United Kingdom as well as from most European countries.
  • Door to door service
    Reliable cargo delivery at any point of destination in core urban areas, any city throughout Greece, with our safe trucks with a view to providing excellent customer service.
  • Special transports
  • Heavy lifting machinery



See below, in detail, the national transport operations performed.

Transport within Greece constitutes one of the principal activities of our Company since its formation. Any transport operation can be performed by us always on respect for the client.

Greece, as a focal point of Europe, will always be the starting point of our Company’s transport operations.

We monitor all transport operations, from collection to delivery, and we keep informed, in a timely fashion, our customer in the event of a delay or of any changes whatsoever.

  • Daily delivery throughout Greece.
  • Short-term and long-term storage of cargo.
  • Effective freight transport distribution throughout Greece, Cyprus and the Balkans.
  • Cargo insurance.
  • Packaging / repackaging / Unpacking.
  • After sales service.
  • Delivery to all Greek islands.
  • ADR-delivery of dangerous cargo.
  • Delivery of dry cargo.
  • Delivery of liquid cargo.
  • Controlled temperature transport
    (Refrigerated trucks).

The fleet of 90 trucks in combination with our specialized staff can deal with any request for the transport of any good.



The area for the safekeeping and treatment of goods is directly accessed from the new port of Patras and the city’s central exits.

The collection of goods is carried out under the Company’s responsibility from the proposed by the client location with the use of the Company’s own means of transport or by employing third parties’ contracted means.


This area is fenced, insured and safeguarded on a 24-hour basis, and is furthermore equipped with:

  • Integrated alarm system with cameras and photocells.
  • Complete fire detection and protection system.
  • Lifting devices for the loading and unloading of goods.
  • Complete storehouse data processing computerized system.


Our experienced personnel take good care of anything that may be requested such as:

  • Palletization of cargo
  • Unification of cargo



Since our Company’s formation we have been undertaking the task of embarkation and disembarkation of unaccompanied trailers in the ports of Greece. Our extensive professional experience and up-to-date equipment has ranked our Company among the leading operators of our sector. Moreover our customers’ trust has lead to the conclusion of exclusive agreements as it regards Greece’s ports. From the outset of our Company’s operation, our leading role in the Port of Patras has equipped us with the know how in the handling of entry and exit of unaccompanied trailers and cargoes with the use of state-of-the-art means.



We have concluded significant collaboration agreements with major transport and shipping companies at key ports and urban centres in Europe.

Our company through the combination of the above means of transport carries out any type of transport to any destination around the globe, in a guaranteed, prompt and cost efficient manner. In particular, PLESSAS BROS S.A., being constantly online with its partners, is fully exploiting the time and availability of the transport means, as appropriate or as the case may be.

Having made available the necessary mechanical equipment, appropriate spaces/areas, specialised staff, as well as a considerable number of every type of vehicle, swap bodies, containers and road tankers, our Company is able to respond to all kinds of cargo/shipment transport.


Our Company, by having established its continuous and consistent presence in the transport sector, has also achieved to respond promptly as regards the provision of Special Transport services throughout Europe.

PLESSAS BROS S.A. through the combination of the above means of transport carries out any type of transport to any destination around the globe in a guaranteed, prompt and cost efficient manner. We wouldn’t have been successful as an undertaking if, in addition to performing conventional transport operations, we weren’t specialised in special transports. We, therefore, engage in the safe transport of any item according to any specific demand with the use of the special multimodal/multi-purpose vehicles at our disposal. The special transport section is an integral part of our activities. Special transports are carried out by our experienced and specialized staff. We can, of course, engage in any special transport to and from Greece.

07Parking 24/7



Only 2 km away from the new port of Patras.


Our Company is situated at a distance of only 2 kilometres from the New Port of Patras in a fully equipped privately owned area of 25.000 sq.m. providing 120 parking spaces for 15-metre trucks.

You can find our facilities just one kilometre from the exit of the ring road that leads to the New Port of Patras. Our facilities are suitable for easy use and they are fully equipped in order to fulfil all requirements.

The layout of our site offers you the possibility to use our facilities with absolute safety. Furthermore our facilities meet all safety and security standards while at the same time have all the necessary parking and storage infrastructure as well as the same pertaining to personal hygiene and care.

  • Closed circuit providing 24-hour surveillance around the perimeter of and inwards our site.
  • 24-hour patrolling by our Company’s permanent staff as well as by specialized personnel of outsourced contractors.
  • Continuous operation 24 hours a day, 7 days a week all year round with a purpose to provide prompt services to our customers in any situation and at all times.
  • Goods loading, unloading and storage services.
  • Personal hygiene and care facilities.

08Trade of


We offer for sale containers of various dimensions. The containers are either new or used whereas-if requested- they can be properly configured (door or window adaptation etc.) so as to provide an immediate, smart and cost-saving solution with a view to lodging and storage needs.

09Sale of


Pallets constitute not only an integral part of transport but are also sold by our Company. Having made available a wide variety of new and used pallets we are in the position to offer at affordable prices their purchase and transport to any specific point of destination requested.



Our Company specialises in the provision of booking services to and from Greece’s and Italy’s ports while at the same time our prices are the most competitive in the market. Our uninterrupted involvement with port handling services has enabled us to offer booking services from all ports of Greece to and from any port abroad as well as the Greek islands.


Modern Parking Areas for Yachts in Patras.

  • Indoor and outdoor parking areas.
  • Organized 24-hour monitoring service.
  • Located very close to the port area.
  • Transport of yachts to and from the parking areas.
  • Refuelling and water restocking services offered.
  • Competitive prices.
Our Services - Plessas Bros S.A.