Our story

Our company was founded in 1922 and expanded through difficult conditions when the means of transport depended on the use of animals and human strength. Despite the challenges the company not only managed to survive and grow, but it also maintained its innovative character in transportation and passed the value of entrepreneurship from generation to generation. Today, it is one of the largest transport companies in Greece and abroad, with 150 privately owned vehicles at our customers disposal.

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Code of conduct

PLESSAS BROS S.A. operates in the transport industry, which is largely determined by a strict regulatory framework, (international codes, national law & national rules), while its operation itself is influenced – as part of its self-commitment –thorough strictly controlled Policies.

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YOU WILL FIND US just two kilometers from the new Port of Patras and one kilometer from the Highway Interchange exit in a privately owned and operational space of 25,000 sq.m.

Constantly evolving we recently acquired another private owned area of 12.5 acres adjacent to our facility as well as a new building that houses our Finance Department. All of the company’s building infrastructures are designed to ensure safety, flexibility, efficiency, comfort and functionality.

Secured storage space, secured and specially designed parking space fully equipped areas that meet all personal hygiene criteria that ensure the comfortable stay of all Drivers. We can accommodate more than 120 15-meter trucks and vans!

Drivers can easily and quickly secure access our services via pre- booking, both for the parking of their vehicles and for their own accommodation.

The parking area operates every day of the week, throughout the year, aiming to provide immediate customer service any situation –  any time.

Our premises have:

– 24-hour CCTV (perimeter- inside the lot)

– 24-hour Security (private security as well as external partners)

– Loading – unloading as well as storage of goods.

– Personal hygiene and care areas for drivers who use the parking lot

– Automated system for cleaning food tanks

– Tank heating system (steam / water)

Only 2 kilometers from the New Port of Patras.

Covering all your needs our company is located in a fully configured private area of 25,000 m 2, that can accommodate 120 - 15 meter trucks. Only 2 kilometers from the New Port of Patras. Just one kilometer from the Highway Interchange exit, which leads to the New Port of Patras, Everything is properly configured and fully equipped for all requirements. The configuration of our space allows you to use them with absolute safety. Our premises are fully configured, meeting all safety rules, having, at the same time, all the necessary infrastructure for parking and storage, as well as all needs pertaining to personal hygiene and care.