Pioneer in Port Handling

Synonymous with trust, Plessas Bros ranks among the leading companies in Port Handling, with exclusive partnerships in all the major ports of Greece. The company undertakes the loading and unloading of unaccompanied trailers of different loads, reliably and consistently. Having modern equipment in the ports of Patras, Corinth, Lavrio, Piraeus, Igoumenitsa and Thessaloniki, it ensures the loading and transport of all kinds of shipments to leading destinations, meeting all the needs of its partners with speed and proper management.

The services offered by the Plessas Bros company in the field of Port Handling are unrivaled, thanks to modern and certified handling techniques and the experience and skill of its human resources who have at their disposal all the necessary machinery, such as trailers, cranes, hoists, etc. .a.

After all, since the establishment of the company, its leading role in the port of Patras signifies its efficiency in managing the entry and exit services of unaccompanied trailers and loads using state-of-the-art means.

One of the company’s key strengths is that it provides full supervision of unaccompanied cargo, ensuring immediate shipment to the predetermined destination, drastically reducing docking time. The Port Handling chain of Plessas Bros operates with absolute planning for the timely handling of cargo.

Plessas Bros guarantees the smooth and timely loading and unloading and shipment of unaccompanied cargo and is always one step ahead, leaving its strong mark in Port Handling as well, strictly adhering to the rules of international trade.