Very Important Transfer

•Expertise: Our company is specialized in the transport of high value and important items, offering excellent experience and security. Our staff is highly trained in the handling and safe transport of goods from the point of collection to the point of delivery.

•High standards of packaging-equipment: We use the most appropriate and safe packaging materials, examining each case and each product separately. We have state of the art means and technology for the protection and safety of items during their transport. Your valuables are extremely safe at every moment of the logistics process so that we can guarantee delivery in their original condition.

• Insurance coverage: We work with the most reliable companies so that your valuable goods are fully insured for their commercial value against any incalculable risk factors during transportation.

• Pan-European transport network: We have developed and operate a network of partners throughout Europe for group transport and direct load-delivery services. Outsourcers are equally qualified and experienced.

•Customized solutions: We understand that every item is unique. We offer customized solutions that meet your needs, regardless of size or value.