Bοnus Card for our staff

Plessas Bros investing in its human resources whose well-being, in addition to the development of the company, is reflected in society, in the family, and even in the self-confidence of the employee himself, implements the Bonus Card for its staff.

A reward service that concerns all Plessas Bros employees and their family members, as a minimum recognition and reward for their contribution to the company and their efforts for its continuous development.

With the Bonus Card, employees will have discounts on a range of products and services from various local businesses.

Plessas Bros addressed several businesses that responded positively and are included in the Bonus Card list issued by the company exclusively for employees and their families, while at the same time, contacts continue to expand the list of cooperating businesses whose purpose is to be constantly updated, providing staff with a wide range of products and services at preferential prices.

The Bonus Card is another reward and a sign of respect towards the staff of Plessas Bros.