Top priority is cargo safety

The highest priority of the Plessas Bros company is the safety of the cargo from receipt to delivery. With a sense of responsibility and consistency towards its partners, the company applies all international, European and national standards, constantly incorporating in its regulations all the latest criteria and conditions.

After all, transport security is particularly important, as the operation of the supply chain depends on it.

Due to the large volume of cargo transported, security control requires clear procedures that Plessas Bros strictly adheres to, through modern systems that allow monitoring, management, prevention and timely response to potential risk.

In its 100 years of operation, the company has also managed to stand out in the field of security, developing best practices that have allowed it to have a series of certifications today, a result of its continuous development and the controls carried out by specialized organizations and bodies.

The know-how and specialization in security allow Plessas Bros to also undertake the transport of special, dangerous cargo inside and outside Greece, which, after all, is an integral part of its activities.

Given that incorrect handling can have serious consequences for people and the environment, Plessas Bros has the ability to transport dangerous goods with specially configured vehicles, complying with all the specifications of the ADR (Transport of Dangerous Goods) agreement.

The company is also a pioneer in the specific sector, offering integrated services, which are adapted each time, accordingly

with the needs of its partners-customers, but also the requirements of the cargo.

Plessas Bros picks up where others leave off!..