Pallets: Our strong ally in transport

Wooden pallets are a constant value in the supply chain, which are our strong ally in the safe transport of goods and products. The benefits of using pallets which are widely used by the transport industry to ship and store goods have been recognized by the global industry.

The main advantage of using pallets is that they facilitate the transportation of goods, protecting the product, as they are durable and absorb shocks, hold the weight, etc.

Especially in transport, pallets enable easier lifting, since due to their light structure, no more weight is added to the products being sent, while they are stacked in a more flexible way. Even their durability and strength ensure the safe transport of the packaged products, for which there is no risk of them being moved.

At the same time, another important advantage of using pallets is that due to their light weight they can be easily moved, while due to their small size they take up very little space. Another important feature is that they are reusable and fully recyclable.

With long experience in the field of transport and recognizing the benefits of using pallets, Plessas Bros has included in its services, their trading. The company has an important range of new and used pallets, providing economic proposals that do not only concern the supply, but also their transport to any point requested.

Plessas Bros remains firmly oriented towards enhancing productivity in a smart and efficient way and reducing costs!